Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Real life and dogs

I did, in fact, have to skip Saturday's Pemberton 50k. I skipped the Valentine's Marathon on Sunday as well. "Real life" tends to get in the way of plans like trying to run multiple races each weekend for over a year. I don't want it to work out that way, but it is what it is. Part of the charm of real life is that it is relentless.

My dogs are part of real life, so they take priority.

The nine pound dachshund is named Tobias. He spent Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday at the animal hospital. They took a bunch of xrays, gave him IV fluids and watched him. The xrays didn't show anything super serious, so the good news is simple: no surgery so far for Tobias. He's home now. He's vomited up some leash, and pooped a bunch more. I think that he's refunded about 30 inches of the 72 inches he ate (or, maybe... the 48 inches he ate. I'm not sure, but maybe the leash was only 4 foot long. I hope.). He seems to be doing well, but I am still worried. I'm pretty bummed that I missed these two races, but it was the right thing to do.

I have some buffer weekends and a couple single weekends that I can turn into doubles... so I'll be able to make it up.

Real life will hit me again sometime during the next 12 months; I'm sure of it. When it does, I'll deal with it. Because it is real life. Running races is just fun.

-2 for the weekend. I'll make it up in April, June, and/or October. No sweat.

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