Monday, April 07, 2008

Who the heck is "McLovin"?

If you've been reading my blog or have known me In Real Life for awhile, you know that one of my nicknames is Stevie Ray. That's what the SR in srlopez is about. It is not 'senior' nor 'senor'.

Now, if you've known me long enough, you also know that I've had several other nicknames in my life. Tico is the main one. It's what my family calls me. It means little in Spanish. Woo hoo. Or as Washington Mutual spells it, "Whoo hoo" (who who??).

I also have several fictional creatures I've involved in my stories over the years. The Whattapottamus (sometimes 'Whatapotamus') is my favorite. Then there's the very rare Bull Moostronaut. If you've been reading this for long enough, you may recall that this used to be the running odyssey of Bull Moostronaut... and that's why my main blog is

Still with me? Don't try to make sense out of it. There's no sense to be made.

At the end of 2007, I told everyone that I was taking a break from marathoning and being an active maniac. This lasted about three weeks... although based on my ongoing health issues, perhaps I should have stuck it out longer. Anyway, when I came back, I decided to come back with a new nickname. This way, I could say that Stevie Ray is indeed taking a break. Who knows when he'll be back?

Enter McLovin. I am McLovin. Some of you, particularly if you are younger, recognize this name. But many of you do not... and lots of people have asked me about it. If you don't know, McLovin is a character from the movie Superbad. To me, Superbad was last year's Napoleon Dynamite or Little Miss Sunshine - a movie with tons of buzz about it being The Best Movie Ever which, upon viewing, did not strike me as being The Best Movie Ever. At all. Not nearly. But... like those other movies, Superbad had some redeeming qualities. The funniest running joke, by far, was the creation of McLovin.

Superbad is a movie about seniors in high school who are getting ready to graduate. It is the latest in a long line of really raunchy teen movies... so when I tell someone that McLovin is a character in Superbad and that someone asks me if she/he should watch this movie, I usually warn them off of it. I figure that if this someone likes really raunchy teen movies then this someone already knows what Superbad is and has probably seen it. If not... particularly if this someone is older... then it probably is not for this person. I only marginally liked it anyway.

McLovin. There's a super-geek supporting character whose name is Fogle. Fogle goes to get a fake ID (so he can go to R movies, I assume), but he's a real goofball about it. He comes back with an ID from Hawai'i (yaaaayyyy) that shows he's way too old. And... wait for it... he decides to use the fake name "McLovin". Not McLovin Fogle. Not Tom McLovin. Just one name, like Madonna or Cher.



I am McLovin.

(no, that picture isn't me. That's Fogle.)

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