Saturday, June 16, 2007

06/16/07 Marathon to Marathon

Most of the color commentary for this race adventure is actually in yesterday's post. That might be more of an entertaining read.

Hot day, but not like it could have been. Clouds moved in around the 90 minute mark which helped. However, the clouds signaled that a front had just moved through. We didn't get any rain; it stayed muggy. But the front shifted the winds around so that, once again, got the wind backwards in its forecasting. The tailwind from the start through about M10 became a pretty entertaining headwind from M16 until the end. The good side to this was it kept us cool.

I decided today to make an attempt at 3:30-3:32 knowing full well that the heat would possibly nail me, and also knowing that it would only work out if I had a potty-free race. So if I blew up, I was prepared to deal. At least it would be good heat training for next week in Hawai'i.

I went out with two guys and the first place gal, who were also trying for 3:30. I didn't really chat; I listened. Things were going well, even though it was a little hot - the race started at 6a, and it was at least 70 and 75% humidity at the start.

The miles flew by. In this race, the aid stations have a contest for best theme. The little song they were playing at M7 got stuck in my head. It wasn't a good song. Boo. They didn't get my vote.

M13.1 at 1:44. Perfect. Unfortunately, it wouldn't stay perfect. My stomach started to assert itself. It was clear that "potty-free race" wouldn't be in the cards. Not a lot of portapotties in this race. Not even a lot of trees, although there were gullies that would serve. Except that it wasn't that kind of potty. Uh oh.

This race also has a relay, and the relay points (5, 10, 15, 20.5) are the only place where they placed lonely portapotties. I kept the right pace until 15, but it was time for pitstop.

After that, I could not run the same pace. Wasn't going to happen. I tried.

At M16 we turned northward into the headwind. Ugh. It kept me cool, but it wasn't very fun.

At M20.5, the aid station had a Hawai'ian theme. They got my vote for best theme :-).

I was really struggling, but so was everyone else. I passed a ton of people even though I was now chugging 9:30s instead of 8:00s. And that was a chore. A few people passed me.

I passed a woman who looked an awful lot like the "first place woman" from earlier. I'm not 100% sure if it was her. If so, she completely blew up because she was walking. Not resting getting ready to run again... I mean "I'm done" type walking. I was going to see if she wanted to run with me, but she wasn't giving off that kind of vibe so... onward...

Towards the end, the aid stations were about half a mile apart. For the back of the pack, this would be extremely important... it was getting up around 90.

And I was done. The announcer thanked me over the PA for coming from Seattle.


That would be a 1:44/2:02 split. Yikes. Even factoring out the 3 minute potty stop, yikes. The wind broke me a little, but I clearly went out too fast for the conditions and my body today.

Last year I ran a 3:45, but I wasn't running a bunch of doubles. Then again, I ran a much more even race last year.

Ah well. I'm not sore and I feel ok. Which is good because tomorrow is the Estes Park Marathon, at 8000 feet.

Should be interesting.

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