Saturday, April 14, 2007

Spring injury report

As much as I enjoy running... and I surely wouldn't run so much if I didn't... I have to say, I don't remember very many runs where I didn't have something bugging me. Every now and then, something icky will happen that will stop me from running completely for a few days. I've hurt my back a couple times recently doing landscaping work, and both times I didn't run for 3-5 days. This was painful and certainly not fun, but it didn't really affect my training. I've also had a few weird "airplane sickness" sinus infections (and/or bronchitis) over the past couple years. The last one, in January of 2006, was evil enough that I canceled my trip to the Mississippi Marathon and I didn't run for almost three weeks. I still haven't run in Mississippi.

The only really bad injuries I've had happened back in 2003 and 2004. In 2003, achilles tendonitis didn't stop me from running... but it should have. I ran very slowly and wore a special brace at night for many months. I blame the cushioned, no-structure shoes I was using at the time. In the summer of 2004, I had a stress fracture in my right femur. This did stop me from running for a couple months.

So what's bothering me now? Nothing awful. Several small things.

My right quad was hurting terribly in January. This had me spooked because it felt a lot like the stress fracture. But it went away. Yay. Right now, the right leg is fine. My left ankle has been funky. This is the same side that had the achilles tendonitis - and after my more brutal races, I can feel it. But the front side of the ankle and the lower part of the shin also burns at the end of some runs, a bit like a shin split. It never hurts a lot, but it isn't pleasant either. And just this week, I've noticed that my left knee is hurting during some runs. The only time I've ever had knee pain was when I've run on dead shoes. Maybe one of my pairs has given up. I track my mileage judiciously, and it isn't time yet. But sometimes shoes don't make it as long as they should.

The most annoying thing is my right elbow. It might be tendonitis or bursitis, I'm not sure. If I leave it in the same position too long (bent, as if running... or extended), then transitioning it to the other position hurts a lot, albeit briefly.

Should I go to the doctor?

The Glass City Marathon is tomorrow. Factoring in the wind chill factor, it will feel like 21 degrees with a 20+ mph headwind during the last 12 miles of the race. I can hardly wait.

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